We are a diverse group of people, that can confidently face the biggest questions and concerns of life, including: the forgiveness of sins, death and the life after death. This is because we have individually trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ as our personal Saviour and have consequently found God to be true. He has changed and satisfied our lives, given us peace and hope and been someone on whom we can rely. Feel free to look around and learn more about what we believe and do. We warmly invite you to come to our next meeting. Wallington Gospel Hall is 5/10 minutes walk from both the Wallington Railway Station and major bus routes. Further information about Wallington is available at Wikipedia.
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The Evolution Crisis

Evolution-Crisis-SMALLThe Evolution Crisis. Five evolutionists think again. PDF book available.

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There is the Youth Questions Box which has some of the talks given to the youth:
This includes: Is there Evidence for the Existence of God? …. The Big Bang Theory …. Is the Bible …. Trustworthy, Reliable and Not a Myth?
Who is the devil? … How Does The Devil Affect People? … What is the Origin of the Human Races? …. What is Hell? …. UK General Election May 2015.

http://wallingtongospelhall.org/comparing-islam-in-the-quran-with-christianity-in-the-bible/ for older children and young teenagers.
Some Proofs Of Jesus Christ’s Resurrection
 I am come to bless and help you
• The Power of God
Comparing The God Of The Bible With Allah Of The Qur’ân
If God created the world then Who created God or Where did God come from?
What Happens Next? Answering Myths about the Life After Death
The Spiritual and Eternal Blessings (or Gifts) and Identity of the Believer in Christ

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